Beverage Company

Client Challenge:

A major beverage company had done mobile sweepstake marketing before. But they wanted to optimize the mobile channel to market themselves better, all the while generating more brand awareness and product sales.

YA’s Solution:
Mobile Sweepstakes

  • Fully integrated online and text messaging structure.
  • Targeted prize tier, including musical festival tickets, coolers, prepaid cards, etc.
  • Fully automated prize notification to winners – email and text.
  • Implement online promotion profile component for customers.


  • Sales increased over 14%.
  • Increased text submissions by 9.6%.


Operating a sweepstakes correctly requires specialized expertise to manage the complexities and leverage your customers’ excitement into equity for your brand. That’s why our sweepstakes marketing team is made up of professionals who have over 25 years of experience and who do nothing else. Rules writing, bonding and registration, randomization and seeding – we’re on top of every detail.

You name it, we do it.

When it comes to sweepstakes games and contests, YA’s got it covered. We handle the entire gamut of sweepstakes services: web, phone, interactive voice response (IVR), in-store, mail-in. We’ve judged artwork, essays and jingles – even managed a billion dollar prize. We’ve done it all, countless times.

Complete security and legal compliance.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. To protect your company, YA uses a rigorously maintained structure of divided responsibility, partnering our internal team of dedicated sweepstakes services experts with outside firms for security and legal review, ensuring that your sweepstakes meets all Federal, State and local guidelines.

No room for error.

Good thing we have the meticulous process controls for each of our sweepstakes. At YA, we are acutely aware of every potential problem, and build in fail-safe systems and fraud prevention protocols to prevent those problems from happening.

Sweepstakes Program Types

  • Sweepstakes
  • Instant Wins
  • Contests & User Generated Content
  • Interactive & Advergame
  • Code Based Programs
  • Sweepstakes Tie-In with In-Store/In-Print Promotion
  • Survey sweepstakes
  • Regional and Account Specific Promotions
  • Multi-Tier Promotions
  • Trivia
  • At Event/On-Premise Promotions
  • Viral Marketing
  • Collect & Win/Collect & Get
  • Online Decoders
  • Social Media Interface

Integrated, Multi-Channel Deployment

  • Online Sweepstakes Services
  • Email & SMS Text Messaging
  • Phone – Integrated Voice Response & Live Agent
  • Retail & Event-Based
  • Mail-in Sweepstakes Services